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Youth Inclusion Support Project (YISP)

The Youth Inclusion Support Project (YISP) aims to prevent offending and antisocial behaviour and/or provide support to young people experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties. 
YISP is part of North Somerset Youth Offending and Prevention Service. We are a voluntary engagement service that works with young people aged 10-18, in the context of the family, on a wide range of issues to provide support with the various challenges or struggles that they might be facing.  This could include, but is not limited to, young people who have difficulties managing their feelings (for example, regarding anger or anxiety) or who have problems with low self-esteem, school attendance, building relationships or social isolation. 
We support young people who might be at risk of entering or escalating within the criminal justice system, due to anti-social behaviour and behavioural issues, knife-crime, or stealing. This might include individuals vulnerable to sexual or criminal exploitation. YISP workers are also trained to work with young people who are displaying harmful sexual behaviour or have been involved in sexting, sharing images etc. 
The YISP programme support can be given through group work, short session work around specific areas of concern or over a series of up to 12 one to one sessions, depending on the needs and preference of the young person. We are taking referrals and work with young people face-to-face or virtually, via telephone calls, emails and video calls (SKYPE, Zoom or Teams etc.) whilst ensuring practice is mindful of COVID guidelines contact Claire Bowers, YISP Manager. who is accepting new and existing service users.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Claire Bowers
Contact Position
YISP Manager
01275 888 360
Parent Organisation
Youth Offending and Prevention Service
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