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Worthy - Play Therapy and Counselling

Why choose Worthy Therapy?

I am both a play therapist and a counsellor, so I am able to offer you a unique counselling experience.
I offer both play therapy; which is a form of counselling that involves the use of creative elements to better access the emotions, thus promoting self healing, and a more traditional talking therapy; this can include aspects of the creative should you feel comfortable trying this.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is suitable for any age, but the average age of a client is between 3 and 14, and it is especially
suitable for this age as rather than having to discuss problems they can communicate through play, at their
own level and pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened.

For further information please see our leaflet.

Who to contact

07714 307 829
Worthy Therapy website

Where to go

Baker Street
BS23 3AE
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