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INSPIRE – Building Community Confidence

INSPIRE BCC - is a new organisation which will continue to build on the excellent foundations established by the North Somerset Play Development Team, who showed that by re-engaging and consulting with disaffected groups it is possible for communities to shape themselves in ways that residents can feel proud about.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

Whee'l Play - a mobile trailer full of equipment and resources to support and promote play in parks, schools, community events and much more....

Forest Fun - The philosophy of Forest Fun is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. It aims to help promote understanding and appreciation of the natural world.  The emphasis is on having fun whilst learning valuable skills. The students will take part in activities which will be specially tailored for the age capabilities of the group. Every activity will help develop a healthy body and mind. The sessions include team building games, shelter building, woodland crafts, fire building, cooking and lots more!

SPAN - Schools, People and Neighbourhoods - is the sector of INSPIRE – BCC committed to supporting Schools, Parish and Town Councils, Local Action Teams and other neighbourhood organisations in maximizing their resources to develop the best possible environment for activities in the local green spaces which they have at their disposal.  

Training - We can also design, plan and deliver bespoke training for anyone who is or would like to work with children and young people. Course can be tailor made to suit learners considering availability and course aims. Inspire-bcc can offer an introduction to the playwork principles, take 5 for play or training in a specific area including: safeguarding, teambuilding, risk v benefit, Forest Skills, working with Ofsted and much more….




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