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Off The Record (OTR)

OTR Bristol, a mental health social movement by and for young people aged 11-25, is excited to share that we have started providing services in North Somerset, providing mental health and wellbeing information and support in the area. This new service is made possible by funding from the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and subcontracted by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP). This is in recognition that further support for young people is needed in North Somerset, with a focus on early intervention and prevention. 

OTR (Off the Record) has provided free, confidential and self-referral support for young people in Bristol since 1965 and now offers a broad range of wellbeing projects, support and groups across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. OTR has a reputation for inclusive, youth-led and strengths-based projects and now reaches over 13,000 young people each year through a diverse range of offers, including increasing digital provision.

From June 2021 there will be an availability of some 1:1 and group work, along with Resilience Lab. The full offer for young people aged 11-18 is expected to be in place for September 2021. The move into North Somerset will be guided by young people’s voice and needs; OTR is committed to consulting and co-designing with young people across North Somerset in the phasing of the offer, and will also carefully consult with commissioners and existing service providers in the area.

Central to OTR's approach is building long-term partnerships with communities across North Somerset so that the best possible service can be provided to young people, and a point of contact has been set up for anyone with initial questions, ideas and comments to help develop thinking for the introduction into the area:

More updates will be available on our website and social media platforms [@otrbristol] in due course.

Who to contact

0808 808 9120
Off The Record Bristol website
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