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Curzon Community Cinema & Baby

Just because you are a new parent or carer, you don’t have to give up going to the cinema. With the Curzon’s CineMa & Baby Club, you can see all the latest releases - by bringing your baby with you!

And so that babies aren’t frightened, we set the auditorium lighting slightly higher than normal, and the volume levels slightly lower. We provide changing mats in the auditorium for nappy changes before or during the film, as well as a microwave if you need to heat a bottle. And of course, if your baby feels like crying, they can - in an audience full of parents and babies, nobody will mind.


When are the screenings?
Parent and Baby screenings are held on Wednesday mornings during school term time. Doors open at 10am, and the film starts at 10.30am.

What’s on?
We show a range of the best new releases, ranging from blockbusters like the latest Harry Potter or Shrek films, to comedy like Hairspray and Get Smart, and drama like Amazing Grace and The Duchess.

Who can come?
Screenings are open to anyone accompanying a baby of up to 18 months old. You can bring older children in addition to your baby if the film’s certificate permits. Adults unaccompanied by a baby will not be admitted.

Who to contact

01275 871 000
Curzon Cinema website
Parent Organisation
Curzon Community Cinema

Where to go

Curzon Community Cinema
48 Old Church Road
BS21 6NN

Other details


Usual admission charge
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