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Help me find suitable childcare

Think about what you want and need from childcare and what kind of childcare would best suit your needs. For example:

  • Do you need childcare in the evening, early morning or at the weekend? 
  • Will you need additional childcare for school age children during school holidays?
  • What are the times that I will need childcare?
  • Where do I want childcare – near my workplace, near my home, near my place of study or near my child’s school?
  • What sort of environment will be best for my child –in someone else’s home, in a shared building or in a purpose built building?

Many parents are able to find suitable childcare as soon as they need it, but for others it may take several months of searching before you can find somewhere that accommodates both your own and your child's needs.

Let us know if you are having difficulties finding suitable childcare, please complete our online form.


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