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Family Wellbeing & Early Help

NOTE: We will soon be updating our Family Wellbeing pages and our Effective Support Guidance. Please see details of our current Family Wellbeing offer below:

About Family Wellbeing and Early Help

In North Somerset we believe that all children and young people should be supported to reach their fullest potential as individuals, learners and citizens. However, we recognise that sometimes children and their families need help and support to manage the challenges they face. By providing the right support, at the right time, in the right place we can ensure that families thrive and can often avoid the need for more complex assessments and interventions.

Family Wellbeing services are provided by a wide range of organisations – many of which families will already be in contact with, such as early years settings, schools and your health visitor or GP – we refer to these as ‘universal services’, because anyone can access them directly whenever they are needed. These services should be your first point of contact if you feel you may need more support. You school, doctor or health visitor may suggest services which could be helpful to you, and many of them can be found in our directory of support services, or via our online directory.

In addition, North Somerset Council commissions and provides a range of more specialist Family Wellbeing support. This support is aimed at helping families with more complex needs by identifying their strengths, understanding what concerns they want to address, and developing a plan to make the changes needed. We refer to these as ‘targeted’ services as they are tailored specifically to the needs of the family, and usually require some form of assessment to ensure we are providing the right support.

Contacting us:

If you are unsure about how to access Family Wellbeing services, or you have an immediate concern about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please contact the Children’s Front door on 01275 888808 or

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