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Personal Assistants (PAs)

Do you need help you to find a personal assistant or to advertise yourself as a personal assistant looking for work.

Working as a personal assistant (PA)

Working as a personal assistant can be very rewarding and you can make a difference to a person's life, making it possible for them to continue to live independently. 

People looking for a personal assistant will be searching for specific support to best suit their situation so when you register on the PA Network it is important that you include as much information about you, your skills, abilities and availability.  We do not check the details that you provide, but we do advise all prospective employers to follow up references and carry out DBS/CRB checks before they make an offer of employment.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove any entries at our discretion.

You can register to start up as a Personal Assistant

Information on employing a personal assistant (PA)

Employing a PA can give you greater choice and control over how your needs are met, and a more flexible way of managing your support. If you receive a direct payment you can choose to use it to pay for a PA.

This PA Network is specifically for people looking to employ a personal assistant to work with adults.

If using the network, please note that we have not vetted anyone on this, and cannot accept any responsibility or liabililty for the accuracy of information provided by individual PAs. We recommend that you interview people and check references and qualifications . We strongly recommend you carry out DBS/CRB checks on all PAs, whether or not they have been recruited through the PA Network.

For more information and how to register see our Personal Assistant page 

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