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Moving onto secondary school

If your child attends mainstream school, they will move to secondary school when they are 11 years old. All schools in North Somerset have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Their role is to support you as a parent/carer, involve you in any decisions or actions and support you and your child when the time comes to move onto secondary school.

If your child attends a special school, they will have an Educational, Health and Care plan and will follow a different process.

Your current school's SENCO will be able to support you through the transition process.

School's Special Educational Needs information report

Every school has to publish a 'SEND information report'. It would normally be published on their website and linked into the Local Offer. The report should be reviewed annually and produced with parents. This report will tell you about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with special educational needs.

My child isn’t getting the right support at school. Who can help?

If you feel your child is not getting the right level of support, you are not being fully involved or kept up to date with your child’s progress, you should talk about your concerns with your child’s class teacher or the school SENCO. You should then follow the settings complaints procedure.

If you need support to do this, you can seek independent advice and support:

You can also contact the North Somerset Council's Education Inclusion Service on 01934 634 854 or for further advice.

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